Tulle series

Floaters, 2016, tulle, 320x270cm
installative view of the exhibition Borsisti della 99collettiva Blm, St Mark’s square, Venice


 Tulle series, selection of the works, 2016,  tulle, variable size

The Overlapping of different layers of tulle, allows to create a parallelism between the mechanisms of light and vision. By being a semi-transparent material, the tulle, makes possible an interaction between the various levels, from which emerge colors that are not physically present in any of the layers. We can see these tones thanks to a reworking made together by our brain and our visual system. This psychological process of synthesis allows us to initiate a reflection on the definition of reality. How is it possible that something material, physically present in space, creates something immaterial? This body of works is a reflection on the relationship between reality and vision, an attempt to deepen the understanding of the limitations and interactions between them.