3.078.564 ways to solve a composition


3.078.564 ways to solve a composition, detail of one layer,2016, marker on acetate,21x29cm

3078564 ways to solve a composition is a project that focuses on the connection between the creative act and the viewer. The work is composed of six transparent sheets on which are drawn abstract forms realized in relation to a starting composition painted on glass. Thanks to the aid of a projector the acetate are projected on the main composition, the visitors are allowed to change the order of the six layers. The different order in which they are overlapped generates different images. 3078564 is the number of possible combinations without considerning the two sides of the glass, which increase the number of possibilities and reveal the subjectivity of perception in relation to the point of view. This work is a study on the composition as a method to relate to each other, from one hand, colour as a material and light, from the other hand observer and composition.


3.078.564 ways to solve a composition, 2016, projection on glass,21x29cm



3.078.564 ways to solve a composition, 2016, still video