Contemporaneidades 2

Patches, 2016, acrylic on wall, 20×2,5m

This work is a study on colour in relation with the environment and related with the act of caring. It is a site-specific work that considers the areas of the wall that are worn and damaged the most, where the plaster peels off and the underlying layers are revealed. These areas somehow recall of wounds and are located at the places that had to endure the most. The act of repainting reflects the will of renewal, to make a space habitable again, but painting it white will eliminate those signs of wear and the history will be forgotten. My goal is not to erase but to highlight these consumed areas and to do that I would use those colours that were once manufactured in the factory. The same colours whose production has caused the deterioration. In this way the damaged parts are covered, and acquire the role of subject in the random compositions that are created on the walls. These seemingly abstract compositions contain the history of the building itself.


Patches, 2016, wallpaper glue, 3m

The second part of this project is taking into consideration a broken floor in the area where once the offices were. The hole made by the missing tiles is filled with a trasparent semi-liquid material. The transparency allows to see the underlying layer, but the liquidity of the material is suggesting the temporality and the constant change. This work is an attempt to crystallize for a moment the history of the building, in between the past and future.